Rape Victims Choice: Risk AIDS or Health Insurance?


Sure, let’s just add yet another reason to why victims of sexual assault should not report rape.

This is such bullshit, and it angers me so. Let’s face it. These corporations will never give up profit for compassion, and that’s a fact and has always been that way. Of course the crime of rape would need more than just compassion, but in this society, the police are already not at all equipped to deal with these situations. Women and men who’ve been raped already lie when they’ve been attacked. (“How did you get that bruise on your stomach?” “Uh, I fell down the stairs and landed on my belly.”) So when they do seek out mental help and speak out about their experience, it’s a very big step for them, practically a milestone in the wretched wreck their life has become — and now they have to prove it, when they’ve already faced difficulty in talking about it and proving it? And to be deemed ineligible for health insurance because they had a pre-existing condition as a result of the rape or that the rape itself is a pre-existing condition — it ensures that if you’ve been raped and can not afford to pay out of your own pocket for treatment, then forget about seeking mental/medical help, because you’ll have a difficult time proving it anyway to your insurance. And having to justify what happened to you over and over again? That’s trauma, the second time around.

Such bullshit. These days, I do try to avoid reviewing anything remotely political in my blog, but THIS I cannot stay silent on. If you’re not angry nor the least bit disturbed about this story, something’s wrong with you.

This is why the public option in health care is so important. You want to government to be able to step in and say: “How about we come up with a plan that will most certainly cover you? Because we’re the government. We’re not here to make a profit. We’re here to make sure that you get health insurance.” This health care system is severely rotten and sick, and the only way to fix this would be to implement the public option and make it accessible to every one.


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