Atheism 3.0 finds a little more room for religion –

Just read this article, and the first thing that ran through my head was that this is COMPLETE UTTER IDIOCY. Talk about getting the point of atheism entirely ass-backwards. This is NOT the way to go about this at all.

Was it the belief in god or organized religion — which gave birth to the words “Jihad” and “Crusade”? Was it the belief in god or organized religion — which has constantly turned its back on the suffering and death of all those who believe differently?

Was it the belief in god which infected the conquistadors with greedy gold lust? Was it the belief in god which told them the natives they found in uncharted territories were not human and thus be subject to any treatment the Europeans and Americans felt like doing (the two most common activities being rape and enslavement)? No, that was not merely a belief in god; rather, it was their church that funded these missions of exploitation and savagery. It was their church that needed gold and glory above anything else, and they didn’t care what was done to their “God’s children” to get it.

It was organized religion that destroyed the fragile written record of entire continents, even stone temples and monuments.

I’m mostly citing examples from my own religious heritage (that I have long given up on) and limited knowledge of world history, but my general impression is that history is littered with millions of examples of just about every religion doing this to every other in the name of their god, gods, or lack thereof.

I am a thousand times more respectful of an individual’s private right to believe what ever they wish to believe, than I am a hypocritical “house/church of god” that spreads hatred and scorn for everyone not from the same congregation (or at least even the same denomination), while claiming to serve a god of infinite love who in turn punishes humans for being human.

In fact, I would much prefer that atheists be anti-theists, and that they should simply respect people’s right to believe while fighting the unholy perversion of belief that is organized religion.

I believe private belief does more good and less harm for our entire species as a family than has ever been achieved by organized religion, especially when we are honest about the damage churches have done instead of giving them a free pass for their intentions. For example, you have the Catholic church sex scandals which everyone and the media would rather forget about than deal with.

After all, it is belief which unites the theist and atheist in their perpetual struggle for a dominant narrative structure. I think that should be a fairly good argument for tolerance of the other, and NOT the idiocy of these new religion-friendly atheists who don’t believe in a god but see intrinsic value in religion. This is not the way at all.

Now, this is not to say that I don’t believe good things can come from organized religion. Just that at the end of the day, the good and the bad come from the individual choices made on the street level.

Though it is worth examining which inspires what choices. Does the Judeo-Christian God really tell mankind to shun others? No, but the man speaking for God at the pulpit does. Does God tell mankind he needs money? No, the request for money is at the level of the guy in the pulpit once again. Does God tell people to destroy other entire peoples and their surviving records? No, someone leading the pack with the motive of claiming power does.

While the exploitation of belief fuels it, the agenda to claim power, money and other people’s lives does not come from the belief. It comes from the organization built around the belief. So the bigger an organization gets, the less it should be trusted with money, power, agenda and their ideas.

Because at the end of the day, it’s imperfect human nature running them AND NOT infallible absolute god/gods.


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