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You really cannot say that you know me well enough if you still don’t know that I am a self-confessed, avid, salivating-Pavlovian-dog-follower of the television show, Gossip Girl. This riveting farce of a teen soap opera centers on the lives and many immoralities of a group of teenagers living ze good life in the Upper East Side of New York City. What draws me to this show from the very first season — aside from the show’s impeccable, spot-on fashion sense — is that it doesn’t apologize for its heightened reality at all.

Gossip Girl is as if Edith Wharton’s novels “The House of Mirth”, Whit Stillman’s films “Metropolitan” and “The Last Days of Disco”, and the themes explored in Eric Rohmer’s “Six Moral Tales” series got together and had a baby.

But unlike most teen dramas and comedies that have had to someday make the transition from high school to college, like 90210 or The O.C. for example, Gossip Girl knows the kind of show it is and wants to become. It doesn’t fail with identity crisis issues at all. Every element of the show from the Gilded Age archaic characters down to the episode titles (which is a reference or a deconstruction of famous movie titles, such as Victor/Victrola, Hi Society, The Blair Bitch Project, Desperately Seeking Serena, In the Realm of the Basses, You’ve Got Yale, The Wrath of Con, The Last Days of Disco Stick) is an intelligent Edith Wharton revamp, delivered tongue in cheek with all the artifice you can ever want and cannot take.

There. Have I convinced all of you reading this enough to want to watch the show now? Perhaps I’m over-thinking it, but not as much as this guy.

Or this columnist for New York Magazine, whom I love reading so much that I have thumbed up every single page on the archive.

I thumbed this up and every page published in this column because, every Tuesday, the first thing I do is check this column for my morning-after Gossip Girl fix. These blow-by-blow recaps per episode are conveniently delivered with the bite of satire.

A must-read supplement for every fan of the show, like the pill you take the morning after a wild night of debauchery.



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