Anticipation from Le Plus vieux metier du monde PART 2

I love the idea of a defining moment that Jean-Luc Godard has filmed with Anna Karina in this short film, Anticipation. This moment happens towards the end of the film. It’s a moment of liminality, so overpowering that it threatens the characters’ grasp of their society’s conventions. Something seen, something felt, something given by the other that is so good, as clear and bright as day — that it’s almost a death.

In this moment of liminality, Godard has captured a revelation that one may not be able to come back from. At the end, seemingly unwilling to leave, Anna Karina remarks, “At the same time, I’ve the impression that we’ve discovered something new.”

I find this utterly beautiful.

You all only have to watch to see for your selves what I mean.

This is Part 2 of the film which features Anna Karina. Part 1 can be found here.


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